Prog#238: ls command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#237: edit nth record [C Programming] (1)
Prog#236: display nth record [C Programming] (1)
Prog#235: read from file & display it until eof [C Programming] (1)
Prog#234: read until name !=$ & write into file [C Programming] (1)
Prog#233 B: read a block from the file & display single record [C Programming] (1)
Prog#233 A: read by block & display the structure [C Programming] (1)
Prog#232: read from k/b & write into file single record [C Programming] (1)
Prog#231: merge 2 files [C Programming] (1)
Prog#230 B: copy command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#230 A: copy command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#229: grep all files [C Programming] (1)
Prog#228: grep command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#227: word count [C Programming] (1)
Prog#226: page command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#225: nl command [C Programming] (1)
Prog#224: load a file into array & display it line by line [C Programming] (1)
Prog#223: load entire file into an array & display it [C Programming] (1)
Prog#222: merge two files [C Programming] (1)
Prog#221: copy command - copy 1 file to other [C Programming] (1)
Prog#220: cat all files [C Programming] (1)
Prog#219: read from file & display it on screen [C Programming] (1)
Prog#218: read from keyboard & write into file [C Programming] (1)
Prog#217: edit the record [C Programming] (1)
Prog#216: prepare a payslip [C Programming] (1)
Prog#215: display inf. from seq. for matching ac no [C Programming] (1)
Prog#214 B: display record number [C Programming] (1)
Prog#214 A: display record number [C Programming] (1)
Prog#213 C: read info from k/b & write a/c in separate file & all info in other file [C Programming] (1)
Prog#213 B: open 2 files & read acno from k/b & write into a file & write all info into 2nd file until acno!=0 [C Programming] (1)