Access to root required

Looks like something wrong with file system image. Let us check.

I also require Root access id is GULAMGAUS.

I responded to your other thread, please check.

same here, can i have ROOT access for practicing creating userGroup and other stuff? my access id is kuekyb123

@kuekyb123, I updated your records, please login and type wmsudo

Hi @laks,

I think I need root access to run below mentioned commands.
I have been trying to execute the helloworld program… I added the current file path to $PATH but still getting same below errors.

Please help me to fix the below problem and let me know the resolution.

1.>> $ ./hello_world
-sh: ./hello_world: Permission denied
2.>> $ sudo ./hello_world
sudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted

Greatly appreciated your efforts.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Hi @MSudharshan, Welcome to webminal :slight_smile:

hmm, are you trying to execute a C program or simple bash script. If its bash script try running it as sh hello_world .

@laks :slight_smile: I can see the results now.

Few days back i just started this. Can you suggest me few tips or notes, material which can help me to be decent linux programmer.

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Sure @MSudharshan If you are looking for bash script, then I highly recommend this book Its free and gives great insights. Feel free to post your doubts , I will try to answer them.

Hi all,

I’ll go ahead mark this thread as resolved. If you need wmsudo access. Please create a new thread.
short demo on wmsudo: Root access demo launch