Run C program

Could you tell please how can I run my C program for example my program hello.c
gcc hello.c -o hello
what is the next !

Hi You need to a have wmsudo platform - enabled for it. Let me know your username, will enable the access.

Thank you for your reply to my question.
I usually compile and run my C program as follows:
gcc hello.c -o hello
But there is something wrong with your software because I cannot run my C program.
Thank you.

You can run gcc under wmsudo platform. Not on default terminal. I added you to wmsudo platform. Try these steps:

  1. Type wmsudo
  2. Wait for platform to launch.
  3. Now create C programs and execute them using gcc.
  4. You can leave wmsudo by running poweroff command.

Please note files created on wmsudo platform not accessible from your home directory. You need to run
wmsudo again to access your C files.