A file transfer tool. More information - qrcp

A file transfer tool. More information: GitHub - claudiodangelis/qrcp: ⚡ Transfer files over wifi from your computer to your mobile device by scanning a QR code without leaving the terminal..

  • Send a file or directories:

qrcp send {{path/to/file_or_directory path/to/file_directory ...}}

  • Receive files:

qrcp receive

  • Compress content before transferring:

qrcp send --zip {{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Specify a [p]ort to use:

qrcp {{send|receive}} --port {{port_number}}

  • Specify the network [i]nterface to use:

qrcp {{send|receive}} --interface interface

  • Keep the server alive:

qrcp {{send|receive}} --keep-alive