Apt-get Desbian

Debian and Ubuntu package management utility. Search for packages using apt-cache. More information: apt-get(8) — apt — Debian bookworm — Debian Manpages.

  • Update the list of available packages and versions (it’s recommended to run this before other apt-get commands):

apt-get update

  • Install a package, or update it to the latest available version:

apt-get install {{package}}

  • Remove a package:

apt-get remove {{package}}

  • Remove a package and its configuration files:

apt-get purge {{package}}

  • Upgrade all installed packages to their newest available versions:

apt-get upgrade

  • Clean the local repository - removing package files (.deb) from interrupted downloads that can no longer be downloaded:

apt-get autoclean

  • Remove all packages that are no longer needed:

apt-get autoremove

  • Upgrade installed packages (like upgrade), but remove obsolete packages and install additional packages to meet new dependencies:

apt-get dist-upgrade