Aptitude hold

Debian and Ubuntu package management utility. More information: aptitude(8) — aptitude — Debian testing — Debian Manpages.

  • Synchronize list of packages and versions available. This should be run first, before running subsequent aptitude commands:

aptitude update

  • Install a new package and its dependencies:

aptitude install {{package}}

  • Search for a package:

aptitude search {{package}}

  • Search for an installed package (?installed is an aptitude search term):

aptitude search '?installed({{package}})'

  • Remove a package and all packages depending on it:

aptitude remove {{package}}

  • Upgrade installed packages to the newest available versions:

aptitude upgrade

  • Upgrade installed packages (like aptitude upgrade) including removing obsolete packages and installing additional packages to meet new package dependencies:

aptitude full-upgrade

  • Put an installed package on hold to prevent it from being automatically upgraded:

aptitude hold '?installed({{package}})'