Apx sudo apx

Package management utility for Vanilla OS. Install packages inside managed containers or directly inside the host. More information: GitHub - Vanilla-OS/apx: Apx is the Vanilla OS package manager. It’s meant to be simple to use, but also powerful with support to installing packages from multiple sources without altering the root filesystem..

  • Install a package in the system and initialize the container:

sudo apx install --sys {{package}} && apx init

  • Install package(s) in the system or install AUR package(s) inside a container:

sudo apx install --{{sys|aur}} {{package1 package2 ...}}

  • Run an installed package from AUR:

apx --aur run {{package}}

  • Update the list of available packages in the system:

sudo apx --sys update

  • Upgrade all installed packages in the system to their newest available version:

sudo apx --sys upgrade

  • Remove package(s) in the system or from the AUR container:

sudo apx --{{sys|aur}} remove {{package1 package2 ...}}

  • Enter the container to install packages using apt (Use exit inside the container to exit it):

apx enter