Lists information about devices - lsblk

Lists information about devices. More information:

  • List all storage devices in a tree-like format:


  • Also list empty devices:

lsblk -a

  • Print the SIZE column in bytes rather than in a human-readable format:

lsblk -b

  • Output info about filesystems:

lsblk -f

  • Use ASCII characters for tree formatting:

lsblk -i

  • Output info about block-device topology:

lsblk -t

  • Exclude the devices specified by the comma-separated list of major device numbers:

lsblk -e {{1,7}}

  • Display a customized summary using a comma-separated list of columns:

lsblk --output {{NAME}},{{SERIAL}},{{MODEL}},{{TRAN}},{{TYPE}},{{SIZE}},{{FSTYPE}},{{MOUNTPOINT}}