Parse command line arguments - getopt

Parse command line arguments. More information: Getopt (The GNU C Library).

  • Parse optional verbose/version flags with shorthands:

getopt --options vV --longoptions verbose,version -- --version --verbose

  • Add a --file option with a required argument with shorthand -f:

getopt --options f: --longoptions file: -- --file=somefile

  • Add a --verbose option with an optional argument with shorthand -v, and pass a non-option parameter arg:

getopt --options v:: --longoptions verbose:: -- --verbose arg

  • Accept a -r and --verbose flag, a --accept option with an optional argument and add a --target with a required argument option with shorthands:

getopt --options rv::s::t: --longoptions verbose,source::,target: -- -v --target target