Rotates, compresses, - logrotate

Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs. More information:

  • Trigger a run manually:

logrotate {{path/to/logrotate.conf}} --force

  • Run using a specific command to mail reports:

logrotate {{path/to/logrotate.conf}} --mail {{/usr/bin/mail_command}}

  • Run without using a state (lock) file:

logrotate {{path/to/logrotate.conf}} --state /dev/null

  • Run and skip the state (lock) file check:

logrotate {{path/to/logrotate.conf}} --skip-state-lock

  • Tell logrotate to log verbose output into the log file:

logrotate {{path/to/logrotate.conf}} --log {{path/to/log_file}}