Telephone and exchange - asterisk

Telephone and exchange (phone) server. Used for running the server itself, and managing an already running instance. More information:

  • [R]econnect to a running server, and turn on logging 3 levels of [v]erbosity:

asterisk -r -vvv

  • [R]econnect to a running server, run a single command, and return:

asterisk -r -x "{{command}}"

  • Show chan_SIP clients (phones):

asterisk -r -x "sip show peers"

  • Show active calls and channels:

asterisk -r -x "core show channels"

  • Show voicemail mailboxes:

asterisk -r -x "voicemail show users"

  • Terminate a channel:

asterisk -r -x "hangup request {{channel_ID}}"

  • Reload chan_SIP configuration:

asterisk -r -x "sip reload"