MySql won't work


Hi webminal team,

I’m trying to do the lesson about MySql, but when I try to connect following the instructions and typing mysql, I’m getting an issue “Unknown database db_EfrainCurso”


I am having the same issue as Efrain when trying to do the MySQL lesson.
“Unknown database db_Lubethan”

Anyone have any ideas?


Hello @EfrainCurso and @Lubethan ,

Could you please try again now. I updated your records, It should work now.


I have a new one problem when I try to create a new database please find below the error

“Error 1044 (42000): Access denied for the user EfrainCurso’@’ Localhost to database universe”

I tried use this command mysql -u yourname -p password, but still is showing me access denied


Please read ahead next line on that tutorial :slight_smile:

|will create it.(you can’t run create database command, since we already created one just for you!..ok…ok…stop clapping your Hands)