A partition manipulation program - parted

A partition manipulation program. See also: partprobe. More information: Parted - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation.

  • List partitions on all block devices:

sudo parted --list

  • Start interactive mode with the specified disk selected:

sudo parted {{/dev/sdX}}

  • Create a new partition table of the specified label-type:

sudo parted --script {{/dev/sdX}} mklabel {{aix|amiga|bsd|dvh|gpt|loop|mac|msdos|pc98|sun}}

  • Show partition information in interactive mode:


  • Select a disk in interactive mode:

select {{/dev/sdX}}

  • Create a 16 GB partition with the specified filesystem in interactive mode:

mkpart {{primary|logical|extended}} {{btrfs|ext2|ext3|ext4|fat16|fat32|hfs|hfs+|linux-swap|ntfs|reiserfs|udf|xfs}} {{0%}} {{16G}}

  • Resize a partition in interactive mode:

resizepart {{/dev/sdXN}} {{end_position_of_partition}}

  • Remove a partition in interactive mode:

rm {{/dev/sdXN}}