A utility to beep the pc- beep

A utility to beep the PC speaker. More information: GitHub - spkr-beep/beep: beep is a command line tool for linux that beeps the PC speaker.

  • Play a beep:


  • Play a beep that repeats:

beep -r {{repetitions}}

  • Play a beep at a specified frequency (Hz) and duration (milliseconds):

beep -f {{frequency}} -l {{duration}}

  • Play each new frequency and duration as a distinct beep:

beep -f {{frequency}} -l {{duration}} -n -f {{frequency}} -l {{duration}}

  • Play the C major scale:

beep -f {{262}} -n -f {{294}} -n -f {{330}} -n -f {{349}} -n -f {{392}} -n -f {{440}} -n -f {{494}} -n -f {{523}}


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