Account issue


Kindly i faced access issue to my account to webminal terminal.
My user: mehrdadzoghi
login – mehrdadzoghi: /home/mehrdadzoghi: change directory failed: Permission denied

Logging in with home = “/”.

cat: /home/mehrdadzoghi/.magic_string.txt: Permission denied

-sh: /home/mehrdadzoghi/.profile: Permission denied

Would you please support me to solve issue as an urgent case?

Your home directory was missing ‘x’ permission

$ls -ld /home/mehrdadzoghi
drw-rw-rw-. 11 mehrdadzoghi mehrdadzoghi 4096 Dec 23 16:44 /home/mehrdadzoghi

Now I updated it - please login again. It should work.

Thanks alot dear for your support.Would you please let me know how to solve it ,if issue happened again?

Thanks in advance

Sure, just try resetting your home directory permission to 700

chmod 700 /home/mehrdadzoghi

Always ensure your home is not accessible by other users. :smile:

Appreciated your support

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