Arch Linux package manager utility - pacman --sync

Arch Linux package manager utility. More information: pacman(8) — Arch manual pages.

  • Install a new package:

sudo pacman --sync {{package_name}}

  • Synchronize and update all packages (add --downloadonly to download the packages and not update them):

sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade

  • Update all packages and install a new one without prompting:

sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade --noconfirm {{package_name}}

  • Search the package database for a regular expression or keyword:

pacman --sync --search "{{search_pattern}}"

  • Display information about a package:

pacman --sync --info {{package_name}}

  • Overwrite conflicting files during a package update:

sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade --overwrite {{path/to/file}}

  • Synchronize and update all packages, but ignore a specific package (can be used more than once):

sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade --ignore {{package_name}}

  • Remove not installed packages and unused repositories from the cache (use two --clean flags to clean all packages):

sudo pacman --sync --clean