Broadcast Your Terminal!

Yeah, now you can Broadcast Your Terminal from webminal account! Its pretty simple just read on.

Broadcasting involves following steps:

Step 1: Record your awesome session

To start recording, invoke following command with your preferred filename.svg

    ```termtosvg hello_webminal.svg```

   //   do your stuff 
  // here
  // and to stop recording
   ``` exit ```

Here is an example:

Step 2: Upload your file with appropriate title

Now you have the file, just upload the file with command


It will prompt you for a title, newly create svg file location and a short description file desc.txt

Again an example:


Step 3: Check upload status

After 10 minutes or so, please check check your upload status using command

         ```cat /common_pool/gif_status/$USER_uploadstatus.txt```

If everything went fine, your recording will become available on here! :partying_face:

ps: depending on feedback and response, we will provide live broadcasting!