C programming execution

could you please enable the gcc compiler to my username:Subhrasima96.

Strangely I can’t find your id. Can you re-confirm it?

Please share screenshot of your terminal too.

hi i am not able to run c program.
it says permission denied.

You need to run C program under wmsudo platform . I enabled its access now. First login and launch wmsudo. Then create C programs and execute them via gcc

I tried executing under wmsudo platform still its not getting executed.
still getting same message as permission denied.

wmsudo didn’t start properly. Trying cleaning up all your process and login again to verify with following command

pkill -u kanchan7

If you still run into same problem, let me know.

how can I execute my c program with webminal?
I can’t execute ./a.out
my username is dipenbhavsar

wmsudo is enabled. please login and type the command. You can run C programs inside it. thanks

Hi laks,
my username is arossi63. I compiled a small C program (the classic HelloWorld) but I wasn’t able to run it; could you please help me?
Thank you

Hi there!

I enabled wmsudo access for your account. please type wmsudo to launch the C platform. There you can run C program using gcc. thanks!

so i want to executi program, but i get permission denied.
Can you help me pls?

Let us know your username, we will enable wmsudo option for your account.

My username is Aukic,

Its enabled. Type wmsudo to launch platform that allows to run C programs using gcc. thanks!

ps: If you are looking for network access please check Root menu option. They come with small fee.

could you please enable the gcc compiler to my username:vivek28ag

Please login and type wmsudo

i have a problem with wmsudo, when i type it, it starts processing but /bin/wmsudo: line 21: 19642 Aborted pops and its stop working, i cant type anything and i need to relogin.

Can you try running this command pkill -u yourname . If problem still persists, please share screenshot of this issue.

Can u please enable wmsudo option I need to run C programs using gcc. My user name is Idrish
Thank you…

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