Cannot log onto the terminal

I created a new account , and am able to log into the webiminal site, however when i try to log onto the terminal and type $pwd…and then enter my password…it replies as Login incorrect!
I have not reset my password or anything.
Please can you help me get started? thank you!

You need to enter username and password (Its same as website username & password). Please check If you still face issues, share screenshot of it. thanks

i have logged in…and it does not let me log in still , using the same password .

You need to enter your username on the prompt Server-1 login: AyshaChaudhry" and then enter your password when it prompts with Password: On our backend, your account looks fine.

please i need root access for ID: saram2

Access enabled, please login and type wmsudo

Please check your other thread. I responded there

não consigo entrar no meu webminal. Erro de login incorreto
usuário: DENIS88
Por favor me ajude.

Please share your screenshot, will check.

Never mind, I found your records, please check again now.