Cannot Login to terminal

I created new account and able to log in to site. Now using same username and password when I try to login to terminal it says Login Incorrect.
my user name is: NaimahAW
please help to login

Hey, Looks like you tried reset password too quickly after registering a new account?

I updated your records, please try login now.

Yes it’s working now. Thank you !

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nao consigo fazer login no terminal. Dá erro de login e senha

According to Google translate it means I can not log in to the terminal. Gives login error and password :slight_smile: Please let us know your username, will check the details. Also share screeenshot of this issue.

Hello Admin, i have the same issue, can login on to the page but not the terminal probably the same reason, asked for password reset. My username is: gjokop1

Thank you

Please share screenshot of this issue , we will check. thanks

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Thanks for the screenshot. Something went wrong with your account.

I updated your records, please login and try again now. It should work. :grinning:

Please look into the username: bibekrajmagar

Hi there!

Just now updated your records manually, please login now.

could you apply me the same solution?
I can login to the web page but not in te terminal.
My user: lluchjm
Thanks in advance

Please check now, it should work.

ps: Sorry about the late response. I was sick

Hi i can not login to my webminal. İncorrect login error
username: arif12
Please help me :frowning:

Hello there!

Can you share the screenshot of this issue? It looks fine on the backend. Are you using case-sensitive password?

i am unable to login to webminal ,showing as password incorrect,
my username is sushmareddy
plz help to login

Our DB shows username as Sushreddy for your email id. Please use this id.