Can't access Terminal | Error Forbidden 403

Hey, I am getting error Forbidden 403 when opening the terminal. Can you please restart the service.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I restarted the services, please check now.

Hola !
Cuando entro a la terminal me aparece 403 Forbidden. Qué puedo hacer ?

I am having the same problem. I am hoping it can be fixed soon.

I’m also getting the “Forbidden 403” error when entering the terminal

Thanks for reporting this issue. Please check now. @memorymaster @Adaia @FlyingCylinder

@laks I have got the same problem.
username = savangadhiya

can’t login into the terminal.

please do something.

@laks I’ve got the same problem
can you restart my service

username = J210280107123

@J210280107123 Please check now, I restarted the service. thanks!

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