CLI launcher for virt-manager - virt-manager

CLI launcher for virt-manager, a desktop user interface for managing KVM and Xen virtual machines and LXC containers. More information:

  • Launch virt-manager:


  • Connect to a hypervisor:

virt-manager --connect {{hypervisor_uri}}

  • Don’t fork virt-manager process into background on startup:

virt-manager --no-fork

  • Print debug output:

virt-manager --debug

  • Open the “New VM” wizard:

virt-manager --show-domain-creator

  • Show domain details window:

virt-manager --show-domain-editor {{name|id|uuid}}

  • Show domain performance window:

virt-manager --show-domain-performance {{name|id|uuid}}

  • Show connection details window:

virt-manager --show-host-summary