Commands doesn't work

When I am on my terminal there is this message:

login – : /home/: change directory failed: No such file or directory

Logging in with home = “/”.

cat: /home/*******/.magic_string.txt: No such file or directory

And simple commands like mkdir, touch, cat, doesn’t work.
What does this message mean?

Pls let me know your username. Will check the details.

Hi, I just read the message: If your account created between Jan-2020 - Mar-2021, you need to register again.
My other account whas Withelotus and with that account I had that message on the terminal screen.
Blacklotus is my new username. But my password doesn’t work.

thanks. I can see both your accounts are created long time ago (Blacklotus and Withelotus) Probably gone with DC server data loss.

I deleted your records for the account “BlackLotus | chujulia******|” from DB. Can you re-register with this gmail id for your new account? That should work. Thanks!

That email account you mentioned is not mine. My email is marianabelenl****

Okay, I deleted this record, please register again.

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