Firmware Analysis - binwalk

Firmware Analysis Tool. More information: GitHub - ReFirmLabs/binwalk: Firmware Analysis Tool.

  • Scan a binary file:

binwalk {{path/to/binary}}

  • Extract files from a binary, specifying the output directory:

binwalk --extract --directory {{output_directory}} {{path/to/binary}}

  • Recursively extract files from a binary limiting the recursion depth to 2:

binwalk --extract --matryoshka --depth {{2}} {{path/to/binary}}

  • Extract files from a binary with the specified file signature:

binwalk --dd '{{png image:png}}' {{path/to/binary}}

  • Analyze the entropy of a binary, saving the plot with the same name as the binary and .png extension appended:

binwalk --entropy --save {{path/to/binary}}

  • Combine entropy, signature and opcodes analysis in a single command:

binwalk --entropy --signature --opcodes {{path/to/binary}}