Get and set SATA and IDE - hdparm

Get and set SATA and IDE hard drive parameters. More information:

  • Request the identification info of a given device:

sudo hdparm -I /dev/{{device}}

  • Get the Advanced Power Management level:

sudo hdparm -B /dev/{{device}}

  • Set the Advanced Power Management value (values 1-127 permit spin-down, and values 128-254 do not):

sudo hdparm -B {{1}} /dev/{{device}}

  • Display the device’s current power mode status:

sudo hdparm -C /dev/{{device}}

  • Force a drive to immediately enter standby mode (usually causes a drive to spin down):

sudo hdparm -y /dev/{{device}}

  • Put the drive into idle (low-power) mode, also setting its standby timeout:

sudo hdparm -S {{standby_timeout}} {{device}}

  • Test the read speed of a specific device:

sudo hdparm -tT {{device}}