/home/GULAMGAUS: Change directory failed: No such file or directory

Hi Team,

I’m also facing the same issue, /home/GULAMGAUS: Change directory failed: No such file or directory, Can you please create the directory for me and confirm.

Did you ran rm -fr command recently? Or it stopped working suddenly?

I have logged in after long time and i can see there is multiple error regarding Login its showing, Kindly the attached snap for your reference.

And i did not run rm -fr recently.

Note:- This is the snap take right after login using User ID and Password.

From the records, I can see your account created in 2019. I believe your home directories got lost during 2021 data loss on our server due to cloud provider data-center fire.

I removed your username and email id from our DB, Please go ahead and register with your existing email id and username and login again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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