I want to use webminal to teach in a course, does it feet?

I have a few related questions:

  1. I intend to teach a group of ca. 10 students (this is only one lesson per year) and I want each of them to have administrative rights. Do I have to have a paid account for each of them or I can have multiple simulation logins to the same account?
  2. I try to use gcc and get permission denied. I read something in the forum regarding wmsudo but when I try this I get segmentation fault. what am I missing?

Thanks for your help!

Hello @yairsuari

You can have partial sudo permission with “wmsudo” Its an restricted virtual environment. If you planning for gcc then that should be enough. Please consolidate all your student webminal usernames and post it here. I’ll enable wmsudo access for them, so you can practice C programs.
All these are available for free. Thanks!

Thank you
I will ask my students to register and post their names here.

However, I still have some technical dificulties:
When trying gcc hello.c I am getting permission error.
I then tried wmsudo gcc hello.c and got segmentation fault.

I am sure I miss something

exact erro message from wmsudo is:

Thank you again

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Just now I enabled your wmsudo access. Pls login and type wmsudo to launch the C programming platform. Its comes with gcc. Let me know if you face issues. thanks!

I tried running wmsudo gcc hello.c and got a scary system dump.

I also got the same dump when just typing wmsudo
Again I am sure I do something wrong, can you instruct me?
Sorry to be noob

you need to type wmsudo without any arguments. if you still get core dump , please share a screenshot of it.