Load the kernel keymap for the console - loadkeys

Load the kernel keymap for the console. More information: https://manned.org/loadkeys.

  • Load a default keymap:

loadkeys --default

  • Load default keymap when an unusual keymap is loaded and - sign cannot be found:

loadkeys defmap

  • Create a kernel source table:

loadkeys --mktable

  • Create a binary keymap:

loadkeys --bkeymap

  • Search and parse keymap without action:

loadkeys --parse

  • Load the keymap suppressing all output:

loadkeys --quiet

  • Load a keymap from the specified file for the console:

loadkeys --console {{/dev/ttyN}} {{/path/to/file}}

  • Use standard names for keymaps of different locales:

loadkeys --console {{/dev/ttyN}} {{uk}}