Login as root - ssh connection


I subscribed to Webminal root monthly subscription. Where will I get my information? I still don’t have root access.

Username: erayazure

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Hello Eray,

I confirm your subscription. We are in the process of migrating to new server yet again. This should be completed by this weekend.

I noticed that you have duplicate subscription. So cancelled one of it (I-TF1EGCUPH7BD) and other subscription (I-T4VNC5B49UM7) is paused until migration gets done. I’ll share your login details by Oct-31st. thanks!

Hello, Have you migrated to the new server? I still have not received my login information. Or I haven’t seen it. When can I receive it?

Hello. You should receive an email in few hours (3 or 4hrs) from now with more details. thanks!