Login as root

my username is cpojoe. Please enable my ability to login as root, use wmsudo

Its enabled now. thanks

hi my user is AJ100 i just subscribe for monthly payment plan for the root however not able to access it can anybody help

Hello @AJ100 ,

Please check your yahoo email (a*******1@yahoo.com) I shared login details few minutes ago. (Check spam folder too) Let me know if you still need help. thanks!

Hello sir
my username is revenge spammer can you please give wmsudo access to me too

Your access has been enabled, please login and type “wmsudo”

hello when i tried to use wmsudo for first time it GAVE ME ROOT ACCESS
after lgging in again it showed this meassage:
/bin/wmsudo: line 21: 5108 Aborted bash -c "vmlinux ubda=/common_pool/.fsimg$USER,/usr/bin/.fsimg_gcc_g++_nano mem=1024m"

Please run “shutdown” command to leave “wmsudo” platform. If will get this error message due to locking issues. Run "pkill -u " to kill you process and then login again to run “wmsudo” command.