LX Terminal doesn't open


I have just realized that the LX Termianl does not open when I start it.
I have tried it via the menu ansd olso did a right-click on a folder in the file manager.

All other programs seem th start normally.

Best regards,

That’s strange. Let me check them.

Do you have any news about this problem?
I have checked it just now, and the issue still exists.

Hi @flatiron23 , I confirm this bug exists. Yesterday, while debugging I rebooted the node and It never came back! I need to put the server in recovery mode and figureout whats going wrong. I’ll update this thread by coming saturday/sunday. I planning to move away from OVH in next few days to something like GCP.

Hi @laks , thanks at first for your efforts for improving the system in general. Very appreciated.
Do you have any news about that for me/us? :slight_smile: Best, Mike

Hello Mike! Sorry for no updates. I kind of completely occupied with my job + personal works and unable to proceed with the migration (tbh, I feel like exhausted) . I’ll pause your subscription for this month. I’ll complete the migration before Nov-15th and update here. sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @flatiron23 , Could you please check now. I restarted your environment. Thanks!

HI Laks, sorry for the delayed reply. I have just tested it and i get " 502 Bad Gateway". Can you please recheck, or simply restart the environment again? Thanks.