Manage physical volumes - lvm

Manage physical volumes, volume groups, and logical volumes using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) interactive shell. More information: lvm(8) - Linux manual page.

  • Start the Logical Volume Manager interactive shell:

sudo lvm

  • List the Logical Volume Manager commands:

sudo lvm help

  • Initialize a drive or partition to be used as a physical volume:

sudo lvm pvcreate {{/dev/sdXY}}

  • Display information about physical volumes:

sudo lvm pvdisplay

  • Create a volume group called vg1 from the physical volume on /dev/sdXY:

sudo lvm vgcreate {{vg1}} {{/dev/sdXY}}

  • Display information about volume groups:

sudo lvm vgdisplay

  • Create a logical volume with size 10G from volume group vg1:

sudo lvm lvcreate -L {{10G}} {{vg1}}

  • Display information about logical volumes:

sudo lvm lvdisplay