Migrate a virtual machine - qm migrate

Migrate a virtual machine. Used to create a new migration task. More information: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/qm.1.html.

  • Migrate a specific virtual machine:

qm migrate {{vm_id}} {{target}}

  • Override the current I/O bandwidth limit with 10 KiB/s:

qm migrate {{vm_id}} {{target}} --bwlimit 10

  • Allow migration of virtual machines using local devices (root only):

qm migrate {{vm_id}} {{target}} --force true

  • Use online/live migration if a virtual machine is running:

qm migrate {{vm_id}} {{target}} --online true

  • Enable live storage migration for local disks:

qm migrate {{vm_id}} {{target}} --with-local-disks true