MySql Terminal Error

While typing mysql getting below error.

Unknown database ‘db_ankit507’

Please look into this.

Also, could you please confirm to which email id do i have to drop an email to get partial super admin access?

Please try again now. I updated your records.

Its done. Login and type ‘wmsudo’ to launch the platform and type ‘poweroff’ to leave the platform.


Launching sudo platform in (seconds)…
20 *19 *18 *17 *16 *15 *14 *13 *12 *11 *10 *9 *8 *7 *6 *5 *4 *3 *2 *1 *There is no scr
een to be attached matching rootaccess.

Getiing this after typing “wmsudo”. Still no sudo access. Please check.

mysql$use db_Ankit507;
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ‘ankit507’@‘localhost’ to database ‘db_Anki

Is this a valid error?

Please ignore this…I have done the changes and got desired output.

Okay. Let us know if you face issues. thanks!

I believe to be having the same order with an unknown database for mySQL. Thank you in advanced.

Please check again now. thanks.