NEED Sudo (root access)

Need root access

username :- ashish22

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login and type wmsudo to access the platform.

wmsudo is not working properly

username :- ashish22

@laks I need sudo (root) acccess too
User ID: CyberLinx

Its enabled, I updated your other thread with details. :slight_smile:

Looks like some locking issue. May be try running this command
pkill -u ashish22 which should kill all your process and release any locks. Now login again and try the command. Let me know if it works.

need root access
UserName: BraydonV

I updated your records. Please check your other thread.

Hi @laks I need sudo root access. Pls assist.
Username: Jasleen94
Thank you!

Sure @Jasleen94. Please login now and type wmsudo thanks

My root access is not working

[ ~]$wmsudo
/bin/wmsudo: line 21: 3124 Segmentation fault bash -c “vmlinux ubda=/common_pool/.fsimg$USER,/usr/b
in/.fsimg_gcc_g++_nano mem=1024m”

Its not enabled by default. Let me enable the access. Its enabled now, now give it a try again. thanks

That worked thank you.

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I need root access for GCC.

Username: PocketNES

I need root access please to practice more related root access commands, Thanks

@eclalune, Please try running wmsudo

Please try wmsudo command now.

I need sudo permit too. My user name is: sovietan
Anyway are there a way to change the username without having to register another account?

Hi, Its enabled, Please login and type wmsudo

Sorry changing username is little tricky. Its easier to create new account. I can remove your existing email id and using it you can register a new username, if you wish.

Nice DP :slight_smile: