Nucleotide BLAST - blastn

Nucleotide-Nucleotide BLAST. More information:

  • Align two or more sequences using megablast (default), with the e-value threshold of 1e-9, pairwise output format (default):

blastn -query {{query.fa}} -subject {{subject.fa}} -evalue {{1e-9}}

  • Align two or more sequences using blastn:

blastn -task blastn -query {{query.fa}} -subject {{subject.fa}}

  • Align two or more sequences, custom tabular output format, output to file:

blastn -query {{query.fa}} -subject {{subject.fa}} -outfmt {{'6 qseqid qlen qstart qend sseqid slen sstart send bitscore evalue pident'}} -out {{output.tsv}}

  • Search nucleotide databases using a nucleotide query, 16 threads (CPUs) to use in the BLAST search, with a maximum number of 10 aligned sequences to keep:

blastn -query {{query.fa}} -db {{path/to/blast_db}} -num_threads {{16}} -max_target_seqs {{10}}

  • Search the remote non-redundant nucleotide database using a nucleotide query:

blastn -query {{query.fa}} -db {{nt}} -remote

  • Display help (use -help for detailed help):

blastn -h