Please help me how to run C peograms

Please help me how to run C peograms

username: sukanyat

Thanks in advance…good day

Its enabled now. Please login and type wmsudo. thanks!

still i am not able to execute c files

Send us screenshot of this issue. We will check.

permission denied.
for the c executable

Please share the screenshot

Please find the attached screen shot

As I mentioned earlier, you need to type wmsudo first. Then create required C programs. thanks

even after also i am facing the same issue… after wmsudo command terminal not even working properly

Send us screenshot your wmsudo command error. Will check

Before running wmsudo command, can you try running pkill -u sukanyat ? It should cleanup all your existing process, then re-login to execute wmsudo again.

please give me access to wmsudo to run c program. user name is sujithat

thanks & regards