QEMU/KVM Virtual Machine Manager - qm

QEMU/KVM Virtual Machine Manager. More information: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/qm.1.html.

  • List all virtual machines:

qm list

  • Using an ISO file uploaded on the local storage, create a virtual machine with a 4 GB IDE disk on the local-lvm storage and an ID of 100:

qm create {{100}} -ide0 {{local-lvm:4}} -net0 {{e1000}} -cdrom {{local:iso/proxmox-mailgateway_2.1.iso}}

  • Show the configuration of a virtual machine, specifying its ID:

qm config {{100}}

  • Start a specific virtual machine:

qm start {{100}}

  • Send a shutdown request, then wait until the virtual machine is stopped:

qm shutdown {{100}} && qm wait {{100}}

  • Destroy a virtual machine and remove all related resources:

qm destroy {{100}} --purge