Re-Introducing wmsudo feature

Hello all!

Sorry it took really long time to re-introduce wmsudo command. I plan to enable them by Aug-10th-2023. If you are interested and please post your username here. Thank you! - Laks

“suniltentu” is my username please provide the root access

I updated your records, please login and type wmsudo to launch the platform (ignore any boot errors) and checkout /root/README file. Let me know if you face issues. Thanks

user name is “Preethi1997”. Please grant me root access.

Its updated now, pls login and run wmsudo

Hi laks,

Thanks for wmsudo access. I am unable to run visudo to configure sudo access. it is showing command not found. can you please help with the next steps to run sudo commands

Please help me on this

I’ll look into adding more commands into the system this weekend. Until then you can use vim/nano editors to update the file.( feel free to mess around with the system, if something broke. we can launch a new microvm (wmsudo) for your account). thanks!

Hi Laks,

Thanks you. Suddenly when i run wmsudo, it is showing “screen is terminating” error. Can you please help on this?

Can you try again? I was experimenting with something few minutes back.

Hi Laks,

It is not working now. Can you please check again and confirm?

Its working. Whats your error message - Can you share screensot?

Hi Laks,

It is still showing “screen is terminating”

error. Attached error snip.