Root Login

I need the access to login as root, my username is risham

I added you to wmsudo platform, please go ahead and type wmsudo.

Demo: Root access demo launch

Hello @laks I was able to login once but agian it is not working . Thanks though for the help.

Can you post the error output or screenshot of it? I’ll look into it.

Please find the screenshot below

Hmm, I wonder what the issue there. Anyway, I cleanup your image and added fresh image. Please login and type wmsudo. Please make sure you logout using command poweroff from wmsudo platform.

Hey Laks, thanks for help,it worked for few days and again the same problem. I am facing the same problem again ,please do the cleanup again, I am sorry to bother you. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

Hi @risham, Did you logout of wmsudo platform using poweroff command or session disconnected?

I can see error related to file locking. Can you try running this command pkill -u risham to kill all your processes and then re-login to try wmsudo command again?


I would like root access to the terminal, and i am not sure if this is the right place to ask. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Welcome! Yes, its the right place. :slight_smile: Please share your webminal user-id.


Thank you! My ID: dave0970

Hi @dave0970,

Its done, Please login and type wmsudo

Thank you very much! laks

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hi i need access to sudo
userame: azera

Hi, Its enabled, Please login and type wmsudo