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Compartir archivos en Webminal.
No es posible consultar /common_pool/README.txt con el comando cat porque el archivo está vacío.
¿Alguién lo ha borrado?
¿Se puede solucionar?

Share files in Webminal.
It is not possible to query /common_pool/README.txt with the cat command because the file is empty.
Has anyone erased it?
It can be fixed?

Hey @jgodcar,

Welcome to webminal. Oops, just know noticed it. Seems like it got removed by mistake. I restored the file now. Here is the content:

cat /common_pool/README.txt

This is file created by Webminal team - If you doubt it. see the output of command :
stat -c %U /common_pool/README.txt

Hello Webminal Users-

Please make use of /common_pool as temporary location. Keep important files on your
home directory. This is a shared directory where you can :

  • Create new files: By default other can read and write into it.

  • Modify write permission: If you want to disable write option for others remove
    ‘w’ to group like “chmod g-w yourfilename.txt”

  • Modify read permission: If you want to disable read option for others remove
    ‘r’ to group like “chmod g-r yourfilename.txt”

If you find some security hole (be a responsible linux citizen :p) and report
it to us! Thanks.

The Webminal Team

Thanks for reporting this issue!