SSH Access on Webminal Root Desktop


Having an issue with my new Root account.

Was trying to install openSSH and keep getting an error. Do you have a better/more preferred way of SSH access for Root users?

Hi @ViralFawkes,

Please backup (aka push to github) your data. I’ll look into this issue and let you the details.

Do you have critical data on it? Should I re-create (delete+create) your desktop environment with ssh access?

No critical data. I was just starting to set things up and get the feel for it. Please feel free to do whatever is needed for functionality :smiley:

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sure :slight_smile: thanks, will delete and re-create the setup and update here.

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I shared your login details via DM. Please check and let me know if it works. thanks!

@ViralFawkes Did it work?

Think it is being blocked at my office. Will give it a shot when I get home and see. Will let you know ASAP. Thanks for the help!

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