The X Binary Package System (or xbps) - xbps

The X Binary Package System (or xbps) is the binary package system used by Void Linux. More information: GitHub - void-linux/xbps: The X Binary Package System (XBPS).

  • Install packages and synchronize them with the remote repository:

xbps-install --sync {{package_name1}} {{package_name2}}

  • Search for a package in the remote repository:

xbps-query --repository -s {{package_name}}

  • Remove a package, leaving all of its dependencies installed:

xbps-remove {{package_name}}

  • Remove a package and all of its dependencies recursively that are not required by other packages:

xbps-remove --recursive {{package_name}}

  • Synchronize your repository databases and update your system and dependencies:

xbps-install --sync --update

  • Remove packages that were installed as dependencies and aren’t currently needed:

xbps-remove --remove-orphans

  • Remove obsolete packages from the cache:

xbps-remove --clean-cache