Upload a file to Webminal's Online Linux Terminal

Is there a way I can upload a file to the Online Linux Terminal ? I have a script which takes input from a file, so I need to upload the file.


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Hi @Sweetu,
Due to security reason, we don’t allow direct uploads to the site. You can share the text file here, we will upload the file. thanks!

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hello, can you please help me upload a file too? i dont have a text version of it. it is an elf file

I replied to your other thread. please check.

Hi, I would also like to upload a file. How can I do that?

Due to security reason, only webminal admin has right to upload files and place them under either /common_pool or specific user directory.

We upload only text files not binary files. Ping me with your file, I’ll upload them and share the location.