User, and Group Management

I have attempted to add users and groups to the terminal once I logged on with my webminal account credentials, and it gave me an error saying I didn’t have the permissions, so I tried to go into superuser mode, by using the su command. I know that there I would have administrative privileges and would be able to create them there, but when it asked for my password, I was no able to authenticate and cannot access su mode. how can I create users and groups on this terminal?

And also, I just tried to make a directory. permission denied. Can I even do anything on this thing?

Welcome to Webminal.

You have permission to run commands on virtual environment not on server itself. Since its a shared platform, we don’t provide root access for the server itself. As we mentioned during login Partial sudo platform available - drop us a mail

What’s your username, we will enable the access. After that, you need to ‘wmsudo’ to launch the platform and ‘poweroff’ to leave the platform from your terminal.

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Username: kayleelodes
I also sent an email to efgadmin AT webminal DOT org if that is necessary.

I’m active this forum, no need to send separate email to us. Its updated now. Please login and type wmsudo thanks.

Usage: Root access demo launch

hey @laks… i’m trying to use sudo command from last few days on webminal. if possible, could you please enable the sudo command for me?. Thanks and regards

Please let me know your webminal username. thanks!

Hi @dayasagar123 , Please login now and type wmsudo to launch partial sudo environment. thanks!