Webminal.org down [Status update thread]

Hi mate,

forgot to share with you.
My brother-in-law’s uncle in Europe passed away from contracting Covid19 a week after taking one of the vacccines.

Make sure you are the last on the list to take the vaccine so that you can see who becomes ill afterwards and see which vaccine is good - just my opinion anyways.

Pls be careful.
Good luck.


sorry to hear that man…hope you recover perfectly…i used your services a couple of years ago when i used to pass long hours of duty in my employers data center…came back to check on the wonderful project you had goin’ but found out the sad story…anyways, god bless you

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Sorry for your tough time my friend. I hope things will get better with you soon. Thank you for all your hard work and what you did for the community will never be forget.

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Hi, BigWill here. I heard about the incident. Also, I am glad that the OVH server is recovered. But I wonder when the main Webminal page will be available again?


Anthony, thanks, now I’m fully recovered.

Thats a great suggestion, thats what I wanted to do. Relax for 2 week , enjoy food and movies. Unfortunately, before my self-isolation I infected my wife and 1-year twins :frowning:
Last 3 weeks is really tough. Covid is really dangerous and staying positive is real challenge.

First I have to ensure, my symptoms doesn’t get worst and monitor them. Then make sure that I don’t spread others in the family. Also watch out symptoms in already affected family members and monitor them. Finally be careful, elderly people won’t catch this virus.

Now everyone is active and fine, need to go for kids hospital tomorrow for a checkup and test. Hopefully results will be fine too. :pray:

Yes. Sure. That’s my plan before 3rd wave starts sometime later this year :slight_smile:

Thanks @toor I’m fine now :slight_smile: Glad to know webminal.org helped you. Yes, its sad that the project is down for close to 3 months now. I’ll see how to bring it up again soon.

Sure thanks @nobeltnium I’m fully recovered now. Hope to continue my community contribution soon :slight_smile:

The problem is I can’t login to server created from backup - I’m still seeking help from OVH support team. Hopefully it will be up in upcoming weeks. Definitely by end of June, thats my target.

Hello everyone!

Quick update: Managed to restore instance from OVH. Still has issues with login and registeration. Some weired DB problem. Debugging them right now.

webminal.org main page is up as of now :slight_smile: (Note login and register not working yet)

www.webminal.org is up and running again :grinning: Some data is still lost, you may need to register again.

I did some testing it seems to be working, please check and let me know if you find issues or need help, please open a new thread on this forum with problem details.

Thank you everyone for their kind words and support! :pray:

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Think about distributed web like IPFS (ipfs.io) data could be saved, excellent that you are online now webminal working

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Sure @dmalick will explore IPFS and see whether it can be used. thanks!